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RPA | Accounts Receivable | Revenue Cycle

RPA for Financial Services.

We are aligned to the financial services to deliver the automation at its best through RPA.
More importantly, we understand the expectations.


Automation aimed at 'Big Savings'

Unlock the potential to drive growth, edge over competition and higher margins.

Enable your team by bringing in automation at every process through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) so your employees can be more productive and innovative while delivering better customer experience.

High Volume and Repetitive Tasks? Simply Deploy a Bot.

For organizations looking for hyper-growth in the Financial Services and Wealth Management, automation is the secret weapon not only to scale their operations but to serve clients better.

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Join us to learn on the latest advancements in RPA.

WEBINAR: 'RPA for Growth' Series

Monthly Event. Check our event calendar for the next session.

Highly interactive and tailor-made webinar sessions for leaders in Financial Services focusing on automation and advancements for scaling and growing your operations.

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Dispute Management (eOSCAR)

On an average 5 to 7 minutes spent on processing a single dispute registered by a consumer either directly or indirectly and accordingly work through the online reporting systems like eOSCAR to gather and disperse all the information to the respective accounts for the compliance team to start resolving it.

Based on the type of dispute, the filing and documentation process can be tailor-made and the bot can be programmed accordingly to assist the compliance team.The total number of disputes received by an agency can be between 1,500 to 15,000 disputes per month on average, depending on the volume of accounts handled.

Minimal Expected Cost Savings: 1.5 to 3 FTE

Type of Bot: Unattended Bot (Minimal manual intervention required)

All e-Filings (Legal)

Every single day, thousands of accounts within A/R operations are handed formally to the state, county and municipal courts based on the jurisdiction. Based on the process established by every courts, the number of steps taken to complete a filing may take anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes for each filing. This is a tedious and highly time consuming process where automation can simply give back your time.

Minimal Expected Cost Savings: 1 to 2 FTE

Type of Bot: Unattended Bot (No manual intervention required)

Account Loading (EDI)

When you have thousands of records to import into your ARM system and further manipulate the data before loading them to build the work list, automation can make this process simple, efficient and 100% error free.


Despite of having the right file structure and data, EDI teams across organizations spend hours together in manipulating data before processing the accounts. EDI is not only time consuming but error-prone. Automation through robotic process delivers fast and reliable data interface mechanism for A/R operations.

Minimal Expected Cost Savings: 1 to 2 FTE

Type of Bot: Unattended Bot (No manual intervention required)


Data Reconciliation

Day in and day out collection operations do multiple data reconciliation process within every department from EDI to Accounting.


  • Accounts listed

  • Payments - Direct Payments

  • Bank statements - Accounting Ledger

  • Cash Register (receipts & deposits) - Bank Statements

  • Auditing Trial Balancing and Report Generation

All such reconciliations can be automated into an error-free and well-streamlined process.


Minimal Expected Cost Savings: 1 FTE

Type of Bot: Attended & Unattended Bot (Manual intervention may be required on few)

Smart Automation | RPA

​​Smart Automation.

Bigger Business Impact.

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