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Transforming Financial Services through RPA and AI

According to the analyst report, the volume of young investors have increased year over year by 95% in all areas- mutual funds, retail equity trading and even wealth management. Important to note, these are first time investors and their expectations are different and raise of millennials is a force to be reckoned with.

New age customers are - highly social, tech savvy and quick learners.Is your processes and technology are ready to serve them?

Get Ready for "Low-Touch to No-Touch" Processing.

Through attended and unattended automation, operational processes are now almost near real-time.

Credit and Risk Analysis

  • Timely information on credit ratings is a must for the credit and lending manager who is relaying on this data for effectively run the lending and risk analysis.

  • Periodically conduct credit monitoring and alert upfront on any potential risk.

  • Appraisal of collateral's on set frequency based on the admitted risk

  • Automated reporting will bring in a huge change in the way information is delivered to the teams to act faster and smarter.

Financial Advisors

  • Automated and seamless client on-boarding

  • Periodically updating client profile

  • Portfolio analysis on set frequency and make suggestions for re-balancing

  • Risk analysis based on the assigned model portfolio

  • KYC processing

  • Automated report distribution

Accounts Payable

  • Invoice management

  • Capture data from invoices for further processing

  • Generate files - GST1, GST-3B, TDS(26Q)

  • Payment reconciliation
  • Processing approvals

Financial Analysis

  • Data extraction from multiple sources

  • Effectively managing the financial transaction and bookkeeping

  • Generating financial statements and distribution

  • Compute valuations based on the current market performance

  • Run periodic ratio analysis

  • Collate data for generating reports

And many more use cases..

Ready for Transformation?

Talk to us about bringing efficiency and excellence at every level of operations.


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