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Robotic process automation, RPA Services for Accounts Receivable Management, ARM, RPA for Collections

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Here are some handpicked case studies.

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Ready to process scanned documents (unstructured data)?

Using the intelligent document processing you can,

  • Process the scanned images and extract data

  • No need to manually prepare the files

  • No data loss


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Sometimes switching RPA platforms can yield maximum value

Understanding the pitfalls of automation is equally important for the business teams to unlock value


Benefits delivered from day 1,​​

  • Switched to fully automated

  • Migrated from attended to unattended process

  • Save cost

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Automating those tedious tasks in preparing the tax has saved time and doubled the volume

We get it. Tax filing, especially for the business (1120,1120s, 1065) is a time sensitive matter.


Benefits delivered from day 1,​​

  • Shorter turnaround. From 1 day to just 3 hours

  • Zero error

  • Doubled the volume without adding additional FTE's

Tax processing

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Saved 110 hours a month just like that by automating their invoice processing !!

Invoicing customers is such a common function within every accounting department and you will be surprised to learn that it can take away hundreds of productive hours every month

  • Reduced error percentage to less than 3%

  • On time delivery of invoices allowing clients sufficient time to process their payments

  • Auto reconciliation and avoid duplication of charges

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Automating the monthly GST process gave a better control and of course, the peace of mind.

It will be a missed opportunity to not automate the GST process.


Here are the high level benefits,​​

  • Stay compliant by filing the taxes on time every-time

  • Zero error

  • Automated reconciliation process gives the needed control and avoid additional payout

A guaranteed saving of 16 to 25 hours every month**

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2 Hours to 4 seconds. Yes, 4 sec.
Accounting firm turned a tedious time consuming process to a lightening fast task using RPA .

​​By automating the data extraction process, the accounting firm has managed to

  • Increased the processing time of managing and bookkeeping by 2X

  • Reduced the turnaround by 50%

  • Avoided the error percentage by 99%

On an average every automation through RPA projects assures a guaranteed ROI within 3 to 8 months.

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How an accounting firm was able to multiply volumes without adding resources for bookkeeping

By automating the , the accounting firm has

  • Increased the volume of accounts handles by 3 times

  • Avoided all manual data entry

  • Avoided duplication of any data

  • Reduced the turnaround time by 50%

Office Worker

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How did a high-touch process like 'Loading Accounts' become a 100% "no-touch process" for a collection agency?

By automating the whole EDI process, the collection agency has  managed to

  • Account listing is transformed to a no-touch and a near real-time process

  • Zero error and no more duplicates

  • Auto reconciliation and auto adjustments of accounts within the collection system

  • No more delay in processing accounts and payment files


Total FTE savings : 2

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