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Maintenance and Migration Services

Exclusive service to manage all your RPA robots

Leave aside the worry of managing your automation robots.We got you covered!
Monitor, Manage and even Migrate.
An exclusive service offered by StayAhead

Monitoring 24/7

Continuous monitoring and periodic health-check ensures the performance of robots and uninterrupted processing. Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly reporting to keep business users informed.


Any change in the process or refinement needs to be updated in the workflow and sequence. Updating the robots configuration to align with the changes to the underlying software or UI is critical for uninterrupted performance.


L1, L2 and L3 support governed by a service level agreement (SLA)  is highly needed to ensure the support that is required to keep the automation's running all time and deliver value to business users and customers.

Performance Tuning

Tracking metrics, bench-marking and tweaking of the current process and the way the automation's are configured can dictate the overall performance of the robots - may it be attended or unattended.

Platform Migration

Leveraging the capabilities of the automation platforms and the change in the processes drives the need for migrating the automation's from one platform to another. Sometimes cost savings could be a huge driver for migrating automation tools.


Periodic upgrades and the full-cycle testing is needed to ensure the automation runs as expected. Any impact needs to be analyzed on timely basis and addressed. Coordinate with the IT to ensure all automation's fall under the IT governance, security standards and policies.


Learn how migrating platforms can unlock the true potential of automation and maximize value of RPA itself

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Managed Service

All services included.

100% covered

RPA Maintenance services

Customized Service

Project Specific

Hyper-care Service

Migration Services

RPA maintenance and support for all leading platforms including UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Microsoft Power Automate.

​​Unlock the value with your automation investment.

Leave the maintenance to the experts.

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