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Evolve | RPA | Consumer

Evolve with your consumer needs and stay ahead of the competition.

We bring the advanced capabilities of automation through RPA.
More importantly, we understand the expectations.

Discover + Build + Deploy . Watch it Automate

Transforming your operations using robotic process automation will allow you to meet the demands of your growing business.

Automation is a priority for business of all size.

All in 3 Simple Steps

Process Mapping



Define Process



'Process Analysis' starts with a detailed understanding of the overall function identified and every nuances involved within the process and its sub-processes. Our domain experts will sit down with your team to scope the potential tasks that requires automation and also gather additional details and documentations.

Sketch every sub-process beforehand to document the understanding of every aspect of the overall process, the business users can validate the automation mechanism and make it fool-proof for the bot to carry out the job in a seamless manner.

The process document will act as the blueprint - for all the bot functions, process auditing and regulatory reviews.

'Opt to Build' is the phase where businesses evaluate both short-term and long-term returns of automation.

Depending on the type of operations, the return on investment usually ranges between 3 - 6 months in the form of cost savings, scaling up operations, increase in performance and delivery.

'Deployment' allows the bot developers to tailor-make the solution to automate the end to end sub-processes captured through the blue print to replace the manual process involved in carrying out the specific set of actions.Though part of the development can be done in isolation, 3/4th of the development needs to be carried out within the operational environment including the the integration with all internal host systems and external applications including portals and websites.

Evaluate ROI









"Testing the bot" is the ultimate trial in real environment to validate every action automated to match the human interaction with various systems to carry out a specific process - (daily / weekly / monthly / custom). During the test run, both analyst and bot developers get an opportunity to verify and validate the process with the the workflow built within to automate.

Every process is unique. We have the right tools.

Keeping the outcome and operational efficiency in mind, a combination of automation tools are used to deliver a 'tailor-made' solution. Detailed analysis and thorough assessment are critical components in the automation process.

Automation |


Aimed at automating business process with the goal of bringing in efficiency by applying technology governed by business logic and structured inputs.

Configure software of ‘bots’ for: processing transactions, manipulating data, triggering responses, and communicating with other digital systems, etc.

Intelligent Automation |


With RPA at its core, expanding the automation capabilities with layers of artificial intelligence, data analysis, process mining, machine learning, analytics, NLP, NLU, OCR and other.

Along with RPA developers, business users, SME’s, process analyst, business users and business analysts involve and contribute towards the overall goal of automation and process enablement.

Higher ROI





Predictive Growth


Listen from various thought leaders on the how RPA combines the power of AI to bring in cognitive capabilities .

WEBINAR: 'RPA for Growth' series

Webinar | RPA

Monthly Event. Check our event calendar for the next session

Highly interactive and tailor-made webinar sessions for leaders focusing on automation and advancements for scaling and growing your operations.



Advance through automation.


Get your copy of the eBook

5 Step Automation Guide for RPA

A comprehensive guide exclusively for leaders in the financial services for building and scaling the automation within their existing and new operations.

Practical guidance for implementing robotic process automation (RPA).

5 Step Automation Guide | StayAhead
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